Current Classes!

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Here are the current online & in-person classes at ArtPlayLearn!

Learning Languages!

Beginner to Advanced Spanish Classes!

Beginner Preschool

Beginner Elementary

Advanced Spanish Conversation



Beginner to Advanced Japanese Classes!

Absolute Beginner

Hiragana Helper

Katakana Keeper

Advanced Beginner



Beginner French for Enrichment or For Credit Online (For Teens)


American Sign Language!

ASL Family Club

Deaf History

Performing & Visual Arts!

Visual Art for All-Ages!

Preschool & Kindergarten Art

Private Art Lessons (10 years - Adult)

Papier-mache Sculpting (14-16 years)

Drawing Animals & Nature (15-17 years)


Theater (Ages 7+)

Intro to Theater (Ages 7-10)

Intermediate (Ages 7-10)

Acting for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Private Audition (All Ages)


Screenwriting (12-18+ years)


Private Instrument Lessons (Ages 7+)

Brass with Michael Kessler

Drums with Scott Baker


Unique Classes!

World War II History: Taught in ASL 

For all ages to be introduced to chess in a positive, uplifting, and supportive environment to help build concentration, strategy, and planning.


For Adults - Awakened Hearts Designs

Noon Class

Evening Class


Youtube Academy for Kids!